Survey 2023

NA Survey 2023

Instructions for survey collectors

The survey will take place at meetings in the week Monday 13 March to Sunday 19 March.

The survey forms will become available here from Sunday 12 March.

The NA survey was planned for March 2022 but with the COVID-19 situation we are now holding it in March 2023. Keep your eye out for this important event!

Hold a group conscience to get your homegroup’s agreement to participate.

If the group decides to participate in survey week, every person can choose
if they wish to participate or not.
  A collector will
attend the meeting and record only the number of attendees, how many already
completed the survey, those who are completing the survey and the number declining. 

Please click the following link to register your groups intention to participate

Why do we need a survey?

NA needs to run a survey to find out who is missing (not getting) to our rooms, what differences being a member of NA makes in our lives, what types of service members do and how our fellowship is changing over time. This will allow us to better target carrying the message and our public relations activities.

What kind of questions will be asked?

Questions will be asked about:

    • Your characteristics: age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation
    • Your recovery: clean time, sponsorship, meeting attendance, working the steps, service
    • What your life was like before you got clean?: drug use, employment, education, health, criminal convictions
    • What your life is like after getting clean?: employment, education, health

Is the survey anonymous?

Yes the survey is anonymous, there are NO questions asking name or address and the survey is completely voluntary.   Groups or individual members can opt out and no individually identifiable information is ever released.

How will the information be stored?

Only the final ‘clean’ data set will be stored after it has been analysed. As with the 2004 and 2008, surveys this will be an encrypted file that only the Data Custodian appointed by the Regional Service Committee (RSC) can access.

How will the survey be collected?

The survey will be collected over a one week period in March 2023, with members asked to fill it in once and only once in that week. Data will be collected online, using mobile phones or other devices during time set aside in a normal NA meeting. This data will be stored in a secure file on Google Docs with only those approved be RSC to do the analysis can access. When this is completed it will be encrypted by the Data Custodian.

What will happen with the findings?

    • An Information Pamphlet showing the key findings will be developed and distributed to groups and a presentation made at a Gathering.
    • Key findings will also be distributed to organisations that may direct addicts to NA and also to the relevant government agencies.
    • All the findings will be presented in tables and graphs that ensure no individual members can be identified (so that our confidentiality is protected).
    • We will develop a media strategy to share the findings so that Aotearoa learns about the transformational power of NA.