Service Positions

If you are a member of Narcotics Anonymous you are welcome to serve the fellowship. There are many ways to be of service to NA, and many service positions available from Group level to Regional Service level. An outline of positions available in our service structure is contained in our Guide to Local Service publication which can be obtained in PDF format from the NA World Services website.

All members have the right to offer to serve the fellowship in any capacity they choose. Please read the Guide to Local Service to help you decide which position you would like to serve in, and any position description or guidelines document that may be available from the relevant service committee. Any position can be filled either by a nomination from an individual member, a group, or the person applying for the position at the service committee meeting.

Many Service Boards and Committees request members to complete a service resume in order to help list the skills and experience they are bringing to the position. The Resume Form is available in PDF format or as an editable document. Please feel free to download this form and complete it, then mail the form to the address on the form or take it with you to the service meeting when you are applying for a position.

The Aotearoa New Zealand fellowship runs a number of email lists to support service related discussion. These are hosted on our server. A list exists for each Area, the Region and Ad-Hoc sub-committees related to events such as an upcoming Regional Convention. We also host a list to help support the Asia Pacific Forum. If you want to know more about these lists and you’re a member of the fellowship in New Zealand please email us at [email protected].