Privacy and Usage Policy

Aotearoa New Zealand Regional Service Committee Web Privacy Policy

The Aotearoa New Zealand Regional Service Committee (Aotearoa NZRSC) web committee keeps logs that provide general information about useage of the site. This information is used to improve the site to better serve its visitors and is only available to the service committee.

The email addresses of list subscribers are restricted to the subscribers of that list. These email addresses will not be used for any purpose other than for communication about NA. Any list subscriber can request to have his or her email address removed from any list at any time. Archives are kept of emails sent to email lists and are only available to list subscribers or members of the Aotearoa NZRSC.

The “meetings” email subscription list is private from all subscribers and other committees. The Aotearoa NZRSC has made a committment that these email addresses will only be used to send updated copies of the NA Regional Meeting List and for no other purpose.

General information about privacy and the Internet

The information below is not policy of the Aotearoa NZRSC rather it
is the nature of the technology used to create the web site and is
common to all web sites.

Please remember that despite seeming anonymous, almost nothing on the
Internet, whether it be email, viewing a web page or using any web
based service is necessarily anonymous.

ISP networks used to access web sites can record personal details
such as the phone number of the visitor. Also, use of an employer’s
computer to access the website may be recorded.

The Aotearoa NZRSC is committed to the policies outlined here,
however, under NZ law the Aotearoa NZRSC could be legally obliged to
provide any records.