Meetings Lists

Below are links to Aotearoa New Zealand Regional meetings lists, as well as other useful pages. The online Regional Meetings list is updated weekly, and we make every effort to ensure the list is up to date. The PDF meetings list is updated every two months, as noted on the list. Please use our phoneline to make contact if you have any difficulty finding a meeting. If you are aware of any meeting detail changes please use this form or send an email with the details to

general meeting information

Meetings take place every week of the year, including public holidays. All meetings are 60 minutes in duration unless specified, and are Open unless noted as being Closed. Open Meetings may be attended by anyone (e.g judges, probation officers, professionals, family members) interested in how we have found recovery from the disease of addiction. Verbal participation, however, is limited to NA members only. Closed Meetings are for those individuals who identify themselves as addicts or for those who are uncertain and think they may have a drug problem. [WA] = Wheel Chair Access on the printed list. Wheel chair access is noted with meeting information on the Online Regional meetings list.