Maybe NA Can Help

All NA meetings are now held online. Find a schedule of meetings here

If you are an existing member able to act as a trusted servant for an online meeting, please contact We can provide technical support and access to the zoom video-conferencing platform.

The Fellowship Service Office (FSO) is closed for the duration of Alert Level 4.

Once the restrictions are lifted, we will be able to resume filling literature orders.

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Who is an addict?
What is the NA program?
Why are we here?
How it works
12 Traditions
Just For Today
We Do Recover

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If using drugs is causing problems in your life maybe NA can help. NA is made up of addicts who are trying to help each other recover from using drugs and make changes in their lives.

Maybe you have already heard something about NA, maybe this is your first look at NA. Either way you’re welcome to come along to a meeting, meet some of our members and find out for yourself if NA has something to offer you.

Attending an NA meeting for the first time can be hard. To find out about what happens at NA meetings please read Going to your first NA meeting. Remember, everyone at the meeting attended their first meeting as well and will be likely to remember how that was.

NA members come from all walks of life and range in age from teenagers to people who are retired. There are no requirements to subscribe to any religious belief although our steps do talk about God and a Higher Power. Some of our members are atheist and some are agnostic – recovery works for them too.

Within NA literature and between our members, we refer to addiction being a disease. While we are not personally responsible for having the disease of addiction, we are responsible for our recovery. We choose to recover by attending meetings, working the 12 Steps, finding and talking to a sponsor, helping other addicts get and stay clean and by reading and studying NA literature.